Here And Now Lyrics

Artist: Seether

Seether - Here And Now

This fear has me chilled down to the bone
And I have been haunted by these
things I still have left to say
I'm weary of fighting this alone
So tired of holding on to strings much better left to fray
And I said
Hear me now here and now I'm calling
Memories wear me down
And this seems so complicated
When all I want is just the truth
I'm wilted and faded after all
Too strung out and burnt out to be
half the man that I could be
I'll never belong inside your world
So black out the sun and leave me to play out the same old tragedy
Memories wear me out
And this seems too complicated
You're my savior after all
Use your flame to guide me home
And then lay your hand on me
? Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray 2011 ?
When all I want is a part of you

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