Dixie Cup Lyrics

Artist: Krizz Kaliko

[Intro: Krizz Kaliko]
I'm drunk as ever baby
Where the Hennessey
Scoob! Salue!
Twiztid! Salue!

I’m filling up my Dixie cup
Throwin’ up and I’m liquored up
Stumbling and I’m spilling stuff
Like hell yeah (Hell yeah!)

Double fistin’ my Dixie cup
Twisted and I’m liquored up
Toasted and I lift it up
Like hell yeah (Hell yeah!)

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
Put your cups up and I’m drinkin’, tryna get fucked up
They buyin’ it for me, I lugged up and looking for Scoob
They showin’ cleavage so free drinks they can get the receiving
But I ain’t buying cause you ain’t leavin’ with me
What I’m gonna do?
I’m off in the dark and now I’m clear, I don’t drink any beer
I try to cut ‘em off they keep handin’ ‘em here
Now I’m too drunk to steer
Get drunk like we’re supposed to
Pop off the top of the oranges drink some mimosas
But when I get closer she tell me she goes to shows, now listen closely
Salue! Drink until my face is black and blue
Tippin’ the waitress so she gon keep on goin’ by you
I’m off that KC tea, Caribou is super dew
I tryna get drunk as a skunk so any liquor will do, Kali


[Verse 2: Big Scoob]
Drunk as fuck right now, I ain’t lyin’ nigga
Been sippin’ all night, I’m prime nigga
Drunk and stupid, ‘bout to lose it, did I say I’m stupid?
Old job, me and Brook how we keep it movin’
Look at daddy, brought my body, colours rossipatti
Mr. Potti when I’m pissin’, help me somebody
Almighty if you listenin’, help me please God
I’m outside, 'bout to drive, can you steer the car?
Lift the door head spinnin’, I ain’t getting far
Pedal to the metal, rebel so I’m pushin’ hard
Pistol cop, tryna make it back to the block
Running red, tires spin, must evade the cops


[Verse 3: Monoxide of Twiztid]
I guess tonight’s the night that we blame it all on the Dixie cup
It’s barely 6 o’clock and already I’m feelin’ super drunk
And like my spirits her shirt keeps liftin’
And if I had to sum her up with one word
Bottles are poppin’ and everybody’s wonderin’ if we’re gonna stop
All I keep thinking is let me keep drinkin’ until I go puke in the parking lot
Bunch of them call the cops, now I gotta find another way to get my shots
I don’t remember which way I came so I’mma stay away from my drops

[Verse 4: Madrox of Twiztid]
Pull me up, I don’t know what you want with my Dixie cup
Juvenile approved ‘til I’m drunk it’s tough
Cause I’m over at the bar tryna love a slut
Cause I like to cut and I put ‘em in the butt ‘til they bust a nut
Cause I’m crazy like that so don’t you know
So I puked a little bit and blinked my eye
Tryna see if I can that six beats home
Ciroc and Grey goose, three olives and vodka
Friendly rum chowder bottle bottle bottom’s up and might lick a middle day meek solid
Just my apologies for drinkin’ your drop
So put the bill on my tab, and throw the deuces since I’m arrived

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