Hello City Lyrics

Artist: Barenaked Ladies

Hello city...
Another night at the palace
'Cause there is nothing else to do
The same people, the same drinks and
The same music
The same quicksand
I think this harbor town is waist deep and sinking fast
Hello city, you've found
An enemy in me
Hello city, hello city
Second night at the warehouse,
And my GAP turtleneck just reeks
From the liquor room upstairs to the changeroom
To the doom and gloom
Of the hotel room,
I think this seaside beerhall would sink into the bay
Maybe I caught you at a bad time,
Maybe I should call you back next week,
Maybe half the fault was mine that the sun didn't shine
On Barrington Street
It's three o'clock in the morning,
And I'm hungry so let's eat
Climb down three flights to the streetlights
And the barfights, we're just taking in the sights
I hope tomorrow that I wake up in my own bed
What a good place to be,
Don't believe them,
'Cause they speak a different language
And it's never been happy for me
It's happy hour again

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