Melting Lyrics

Artist: Tristan Prettyman

I will sing you a song
I will save you a dance
If you just give me a chance
A little piece of your mind
Little bit of your time
To let it unwind see
What is it I don get
Something I never forget
Something good that hasn even even started yet
Well it so good that it bad
And it might be the best damn thing that I ever had
Happen to me
Well you see
I still melting
Over you ohh well
I still holding on
Baby well well
I still melting
Cause I fell hard but not hard enough
You didn even notice
I took that risk and I jumped ship
And now I waving my arms
Drowning in your ocean
And you go on saying everything Ie been trying to say
And now I be foolish to let you get away
So stay with me awhile,
Cause I still melting
Over you ohh well I
Still holding on
And baby well I still dreaming so don wake me yet
Cause I don want to forget
How you picked me back up
And you lay my head down
And now I feel you heavy over me
And now I in too deep now
Well I still melting
Over you ohh well
I holding on
And I still dreaming so don wake me yet cause I
I don want to forget

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