No_Silence Lyrics

Artist: Lecrae

feat. Lecrae
[Flame and Lecrae Talking]

My brothers over seas gettin' teased for pronouncin' their faith
Gettin' duct taped and chased catching spit in the face
We runnin' the same race at a similar pace
Screamin' Jesus is Lord, every time we step in the place
They holla naw in the dirty south, naw in the Midwest
They don't want the truth, they don't dig that
So we shakin' all the dust off our shoes
If they don't receive the gospel and they treat us like some fools
What it do, keep on pressin' even if they don't receive
That we was unbelievin' heathens, til we met the word of Jesus
Now we preachin', catchin' beatings, that ain't keepin' us from speakin'
And no matter how they treat us, we repeat the need to seek Him
They won't beat us into shuttin' up, naw we won't button up
Flame give it to ya hot Crae I'm a cut it up
Chop it chop it up and screw it we gone do it all in Christ name
Beat us into silence, naw dawg ain't gone happen mayne

They won't beat us naw into silence never
They won't beat us naw into silence never
They won't beat us naw into silence never
we got truth mayne

We will continue to preach, on the blocks in the hoods
The great gospel of peace, we wouldn't stop if we could
Cause the apostles believed, to the point of they death
So we gone follow they lead, and we gone walk in they steps
Just like the Savior explained, that we should shake off the dust
From our feet if they don't wanna receive us
It's all part of the plan, when persecution shows up
But we are ordered to stand, and be just like a soldier
So the spirit of fear it gets thrown in the trash
The Holy Spirit is here and gives us power for the task
So we gone spread the news both the good and the bad
All at the same time just like Newsflash newsflash homie
Don't feel lonely cause your family in Christ
Is standing as an example amp and we're ready to fight
For the truth and it's cool if we usin' the mic
But we gone rep Him til the death with our lips and our life
So let's go


Hard pressed in a mess still stressed tryin' to live it
And we sinnin', if we livin' to escape all of the afflictions
Of sharin' Christ with the world, of sharin' life with the world
The light of Christ is blazin' sheddin' light on the world

We haven't suffered to the point of sheddin' blood like our Savior
So we shouldn't be unfaithful like Gomer was to Hosea
Yeah we don't lose heart its not an option
We just continue to put in them the truth of His doctrines

Watchin' Him Christ He's the perfecter of faith
So we turn and embrace any persecution that we may face

Yeah proclaim boldly, while at the same time remain holy
Teaching them to observe everything that Jesus told me

Homie we solely concerned with the mission of Christ
Unable to quiet us we gone be spittin' for Christ

The price that was paid, the nights in the grave
And the resurrection is our reflection to not be afraid
So lets go


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