I Miss You Mix Lyrics

Artist: Haddaway

[ i know if you could hear me you would
Say there are always two sides of a story
You're so right, here's mine
I cannot live without you ]

Love was never easy,
But leaving you was hard,
And time didn't heal my wounds at all
I wonder, if you know what i'm going through
All the lonely times that we're apart

I miss you, oh i miss you
I'm gonna need you more and more each day
I miss you, more than words can say
More than words can ever say

Saying sorry was a question of my pride
Pride can push aside a loving heart,
In the end emotion has ruled my mind
And i'm asking for a second start


[ maybe i've said words that really didn't
Mean, but i know, every day
When a man does wrong
I know i miss you ]


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