Yep, I'm Back Lyrics

Artist: Fabolous

Yep, I'm Back
Now everybody get your hands up
Now everybody get your hands up
More better, more chedder
I do the rose I am not a morretta
Challenge me with the bling these niggas know better
The wings are as big as the logo on those sweaters
Hoes better have a fall back attack
I come through like a funeral all black on black
Couple 6-deuces all back to back
Few flying Spur, all back to back
We the Duncan and them
When it come to makin O's we like dunkin with them
Nahh I ain't talking doughnuts
I'm talking white ones like the Nike low cuts
You couldn't see me if ya stood on ya tippy toes
But you could smell this Cali Kush with the zippy closed
You don't skip me though, seats is peanut butter
You've never seen a stutter like Fid-Di-Di-Di-Damn
Yup I'm back stuntin, yup I'm back frontin
Yup I'm somebody who made somthin outta nothing
Yup I know ya see something that you're wantin
It's just something about me, ya can't go without me y'all
Said ya can't go without me y'all
Said ya can't go without me y'all
Now everybody get yo hands up
Now everybody get yo hands up

More stuntin' more frontin'
How he getting it homie, show something
You can ask about him, he go hard
With that A-M-E-X negro card
Last time I was seen in a strip club
Rain, I hurricane Katrina'd the strip club
May I say I made a way
Stay fly till the day I fade away
Hey I pray I stay out of a haters way
Let me pull like A.I. just get to the point
Let me hear him say I when he spit to the joint
You gonna hear him spray blah when I get to the joint
And the blind magazine that them niggas with Fab is gone
Come like them dudes came for Tony at the Babylon
Rapid fire when you know a rapper flyer
The L-O-S-O, I guess no
More wining, more dining
More slow wining them gangstas throw signs in
I cant help that the chain is so shining
And that the shit on my wrists is just co-signing
They don't search us, they know we got the flamers
Still let us slide through the door like Kramer
I believe in God, but my true religion
Is stuffin big faces down in these true miligions
We everywhere you ain't never there
New coupes shine like patent leather airs
Pushin something we ain't got our names on
Two 0-7's neither one of us is James Bond
We in the V-I-P's with the big names
Findi aviators with the big frames
The streets is watchin, hood is lookin
Brooklyn's back and look how good I'm lookin?

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