Streets On Fire Lyrics

Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Tonight, tonight, tonight

Lupe Fiasco - Streets On Fire
The Cool
Feat. Matthew Santos
Show Some Love To Lupe

The stars are alive, and the path is colliding
the plan is arriving, and she's out there smiling
the fear is upon us, the skies tried to warn us
their perils are goners, no children to mourn us
it's driving me crazy this whore is my lady
we've lost all our babies and God is amazing
the tick of the timer, the slip of the rhymer
the pimp and the riser your cross there you'll find her
hey, hey

Death is on the tip of her tongue and
dangers at the tip of her fingers
streets are on fire tonight
Death is on the tip of her tongue and
dangers at the tip of her fingers
streets are on fire tonight

Disease the virus is spreading in all directions
no safe zone no cure and no protection
no symptoms define the signs of an infection
no vaccines, remedies, and no corrections
Quarantine the dreams and seal off the connections
don't let them in not a friend not a reflection
everybody's got it and want you to have it next and
don't accept them if you want to stay as an exception
no pill can heal the ill of this
sickness some are still in doubt of its existence
some call it forgiveness and some call it the vengeance
some say it's an exit and some say it's an entrance
the poor say the rich have the cure
the rich say the poor are the source
revolutionaries say it's physiological war
invented by the press, just to have something to report
some say the first case came from a maternity ward
some say a morgue, some say the skies, some say the floors
whores say the nuns, nuns say the whores
and everybody is sure
the scientist say it only affects the mind
the little boy said it only affects the girls
the preacher man said it's going to kill off the soul
a bum said it's going to kill the whole wide world.

Believe some say the neon signs by the
loudspeakers repeating that everything is fine;
a subtle solace to demolish the troubled conscience
of a popus with no knowledge and every freedom denied
every dream is designed and broadcasted
from the masters to the masses
from the antennas on the top of the shrines
refine the receiver and plant it
during the panic and short it, it reports back
everything in your mind, everything is lying
everything is dying, everything is a rule
everything is a crime, everything was here then
everything rewind the new
weather burned the feathers off everything flying
And she likes it, and she loves it
the sadness, the madness, the bash it
the lavish, the fastest, the clashes, the ashes to ashes
everything intertwined
my femme fatale my darling fraudulent angel
once caught her changing the batteries in her halo
receipt for her wings and everything that she paid for
and the address to the factory where they made those
scientist said she's all inside my mind
the little boy said what happened to all the girls
the preacher man said she's going to kill off your soul
the dope boy said it's the whole wide world

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