Yes You Can Lyrics

Artist: Donnie Mcclurkin

(Verse 1)

Listen, gather 'round I found something that you can use

And if you listen, well, I'm here to tell you, you cannot lose

A simple song, simple melody, to remind you that you can be

The greatest ever, defeated never, even though sometimes you may lose


Yes you can, you can do anything if you try, just try

Yes you can, but you have to believe and rely on what you have inside

You can make it through your trials, for your trials will just make you strong

You can do anything, yes you can, ooooh ohhh ohhhhhh

(Verse 2)

Teach your children well, it's time to tell them just who they are

Train them as they go to let them know that they can go far

Oh my brother why do you wait,

cuz tomorrow just might be too late

For God gave the provision, made the decision,

you can do all things through your faith



I can, I can, yes I can do anything

No matter what if you can just conceive it,

if you believe it, then you can achieve it(i can)

yes i can do anything (reapeat 3x)
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