My Burnin' Heart Lyrics

Artist: 2Pac


I lay awake tonite

Because I wanna be with u

If u were beside me I’d playfully kiss u

Each time I see u the feeling gets stronger

U sit with me closer we stare a lot longer

Reach for my drink and for a second we touch

Words r muttered I stutter

Cause I want u taht much

The situation is a no win

Cause he’s my best friend

But now I’m guilty

I’m fallin’ for his girlfriend

I know it’s wrong but my heart is filled with purity

I offer passion but he offers security

It’s like a trap that I’m sinkin’ into

I wake up sweaty when i’m thinkin’ of u

Then we make our contact

And I can’t hold back

I try to shake it but the feeling comes right back

What have i gotten into

I feel possessed by u

I have these thought at nite of undressin’ u

It’s kinda obvious blind men might see

But he doesn’t so he keps on trustin me

Leaves me alone with u when he’s on vacation

But how could he leave me with this temptation

What do I do go or stay and play it smart

It’s gettin’ rougher cause I suffer from a burnin’ heart

My burnin’ heart


Girl u r my one and only

U r my angel and now u wanna leave me lonely

What did I do baby did I treat u bad?

My heart is broken and now u wanna make me sad

I remember when this love affair first started

We were so in love and now we are departed

Girl I’ll buy anything your heart desires

I have to let u know baby your my fire

Warm and wet each kiss I prolonged

It’s your sweet caress that makes life too strong

Just being with u and see the two of us

Walking along the beach u know u r my peach

So sweet and my love i surrender

No need to pretend that u want it to end

I’ll neva let u go your foreva my girl

U know why?

Cause girl u r my world

My burnin’ heart


Totally tongue tied every few seconds I keep watchin’ u

He’s my best friend but I can’t help clockin’ u

How could this be how could we both love u

Now I’m trapped in this position and don’t know whta to do

I could forget about u pretend taht we neva met

But when I hear bout u i start to heavily sweat

U give me looks to reinforce thoughts

That r already there

So many times my eyes r caught up in a passanger stare

Play the role like u don’t matter

He swears taht we hate eachotha

Your my addiction cause I fiend for u desperately

Stand here fantasizing cause you’re next to me

What can I do with this passion I feel

It’s too hard to conceal so I know it’s for real

Watched u so many times where every curve is

I think he reads my mind so I’m feelin nervous

I wanna tell u how i feel but that wouldn’t help

I would only cause problems so I keep to myself

It drives me crazy to see u sittin’ with him

A tear goes down my cheek because I see u kiss him

I know the words ya sayin’ b4 they could be said

Hear the thoughts you’re thinkin’ b4 they come into your head

Wouldn’t hurt the bratha for anything in this world

But damm I feel in love with his girl

My burnin’ heart


My heart is burnin’ u know it’s yearnin’

For your sweet caress

I lay in exstacy as u kiss and rub my chest

U know u love me why must u deny yourself?

What I could offer u yet u want somebody else

It’s not taht girl well then girl what could it be

I hope I’m good for u cause girl you’re good for me

Many nites I cried and tried to make this work

Then act a fool and croon the cruel like a jerk

Well I’m sorry baby i have to let u know

U r my life my strenght I refuse to let u go

U r so fruitful baby u light up my life

I close my eyes and dream that you’d become my wife

Day in and day out it’s u I pray about

Don’t lock the door to your heart don’t make me stay out

I love u honey cause you’re like a work of art

You’ve got me on fire My burnin’ heart

Repeat first verse
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