Koolaid Lyrics

Artist: Just Jack

Just Jack-Koolaid

Just got what it takes got
that x factor well i supose i have

I meet a girl a party
She said she like techno tronic
I said are you for real
She said no im being post ironic

Thats right

I went to a bar called jaguar shoes,
I danced around and drank too much booze ah
Got into a cab with a girl and puked on her shoes
Can someone tell me if thats fucking cool
or what or what..
come on now just dance

Yer i got a cool friend
shes a pho-to-grapher
i'd really like to make it with heerrr
but i cant ...shes gay

Thats right

Can someone please tell me
like what is cooler

the breakfast club or math disputer

Well they try to be cool but im the coolest

You could use this as a documentry of what is coolest

Come on information

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