Who Do You Think I Am Lyrics

Artist: Hopsin

Bitch who do you think I am?
Aye yo, this shit has gotten out of hand
Why you calling me when you having problems wit' ya man. (Huh?!)
I got enough problems as it is
Girl you talking to the kid who don't know how to get a bitch. (Bitch!)
If you want me to get all mushy as a friend
Then you better give me motherfucking pussy at the end. (What?)
You making me feel like a wussy little man
And it's worthless if I don't get the tushy in my hand. (Man!)
I don't want to talk for some hours every night
About the man you like. And how he'd rather fight
Than build your relationship
Just face it, bitch
I don't give a fuck.
Fuck him, take this dick
Only reason that I even listen
Is that I'm seeking admission
To put my penis on yo freaking (clitris) (Ha!)
I'm tired of it. I just want to say "God damn!" (God damn!)
Bitch who do you think I am?
My boyfriend dumped me, I'm so lonely. (So?)
Bitch who do you think I am?
James always act like he don't want me! (So?)
Bitch who do you think I am!
I want yo pussy! (Pussy, pussy!)
Bitch who do you think I am?
If you ain't thinking about letting me hit it, you need to quit it. (Shiiit.)
Bitch who do you think I am?!
A fucking gay dude who listens to your stories?
If they nice or if they boring?
Girl I'm tired and I'm snoring
Cause your vibe is just annoying
And I'm tired of ignoring and avoiding and supporting this shit
And plus I'm horny
You think I'm really into that?
Girl, put an end to that
I just want to get the snatch
Ching, Ching, hit the jackpot!
Bitch open up your legs like a laptop
Take a fat cock
Yeah, then I'll let your ass talk
But otherwise, if you don't, we gon' slap box
Fuck around and ride up on yo block and get yo ass popped
Wasting my time, now I'm wasting my rhymes
Making this song? Cause you ain't got naked yet, ho?
You think I put that time in for nothing?
Fuck that, we either fighting, or fucking!
And I ain't playing wit' you girl, I'd hate to dis you
No wait, I like to dis you
Turn this shit to wilder issues
I couldn't kick it wit' yo ass a while ago
And now you want to hang cause he ain't around no mo'?
What the fuck I look like, after he fucked you? And he dumped you?
Now I'm the dude you run to?
When he wants you, I'mma be the one you flee from soon
Then I'll become the one you got your finger up to?
It ain't my motherfucking life, you think I care? Ha! Shiiit
Like I really want to hear that shit
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