Lady Lady Lyrics

Artist: Babyface

Written by babyface 1993
Performed by babyface

Lady, if you care for me
Then let me know
That you care for me sweet lady
And that you'll care for me the rest of your life
That's what i'd like to hear

I don't mean to be a bore but
I was hoping you would know what
Just what you feel girl, what you feel inside
And the reason i'm insisting
'cause the heart just needs convincing
That you care
Before i ask of you to be my

Lady, lady, lady
For the rest of our lives
Can you take forever
Till the end of our time
Lady, lady
Say you'll be mine
Always, my lady
For the rest of our lives

Lady, will you please grant me
My miracle
And say you'll be my lady
And cherish me till the day that we die
That's what i need to hear

I'm not even sure you know what
What i feel inside, nor how much
How much i love you, you're my whole damn life
And the reason why i pressure
You, because i need to measure
How you feel
Before i ask of you to be my


If there's one thing i know
Girl i'm sure how much i love you
But i'm not quite sure you're feeling quite the same
Could you please let me know
If i do anything for you, oh lady
Could you let me
Know right away


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