Aeroplane Lyrics

Artist: Robert Palmer

Say you'll write your story -

Pictures, dreams and letters

Get your past existence

Off your mind

Life is such a miracle

Every day brings changes

Into your life

You could easily

Tell her you know the melody

You could get over her

You keep consoling her

Like a black and white movie

If you miss your aeroplane

Then you've got nowhere else to call

Just hearing your romantic schemes

Can set my heart to thundering

I long to see your bright and smiling eyes

Babe, the stars are sparkling

In your tears

You'd better take my handkerchief

And dry your eyes

Love is such a miracle

Every day brings brand new life

Why hesitate?

Why compromise?

You're a friend of mine

Suddenly I am here with you

I won't get over you -

I want control of you

You'll have to make your own move

Once I get hold of you

I won't let go of you

I'll miss my aeroplane too
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