Big Cat Laflare Lyrics

Artist: Gucci Mane

Lamborgini Ferari And Bentleys Devoted And Just Keys Cristal And Don P The Kush To Pt Two Facts About Me Bitch Ask About me Big Cats Around Foe Facts About Me Big Gats Around Me The Threx Purple Pets Around Me No Sex Around Me Im Smoke Like Marley My Niggas Roll Harley If I Hurt Ya Daughters Feelins Ms.Jackson Im Sorry Im Pimpin Like Goldie And Ballin Like Kobe These Haters Get Flown An A Open Panokee Yo Bitch She Chose Me You Mad She Chose Me Im Glad She Chose Me Gave Me Her Doe Key Bitch Im From Wild Street Bitch Im In Dc Gucci The Og They Put Me On Tv Im Gutta Like Bg Im Reppin The Bc The Jeolous Envy Got Suckas Against Me


Ya Fuck Wit Him Ya Fuck Wit Me Ya Fuck Wit Them Ya Stuck Wit Me Big Cat Laflare We Dont Fight Fair Big Cat Laflare Nawww We Dont Fight Fair

Got Major Flava No Major Labor We Major Niggas Cuzzz We Got Major Paper Ball Hard Like A Major League Baseball Player Who Is Shirley Fonts Cuzzzz Gucci Mane S The Mayor I Run The City I Am The City Bad Boy But I Never Decime A Diddy I Bake The Cake I Make The Cake 36 When I Cop Jacob Flake
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