Make It Work Lyrics

Artist: Yo Gotti

Ooh uh ooh,ooh uh ooh yeih yeh
You understand me
At least you say you do
Lately thats enough for me
Looking for perfect
Surrounded by artificial
You\'re the closest thing to real i\'ve seen
Sure, everyone has their problems
Thats a given
Yours are the easiest to tolerate
This wasn\'t what we was wanting
How we\'re living
But let\'s take this good enough and turn it to great
Baby understand...
This can only be as good as we both make it
Guess sometimes its gonna hurt yes sometimes its gonna hurt
We can be as happy as we want to be girl
But we gotta make it work
We gotta make it work...
Ay oh ay oh oh
Sometimes i love you
More than you\'ll ever know
Other times you get on my nerves hey
That\'s just reality
No, it can\'t always be
Kisses, hugs, and beautiful words
You was looking for your prince,ooh
What you found wat u found
Is a pauper with potential
And no, i\'m nowhere near perfect..NO
But i\'m around but im around
Girl, time and patience is essential
Baby realize...
Guess sometimes its gonna hurt guess sometimes its gonna hurt
Thick and thin, ooh
The bad outweighs the good sometimes
That doesn\'t mean we\'re \'spose to give it up
My problems are yours,and yours are mine?

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