Honey Lyrics

Artist: Kara

And45212;And45212;And45212; And45320; And50630;And51004;And47732;
And45212;And45212;And45212; And45320; And50500;And45768;And47732;
And45212;And45212;And45212; And49332; And49688; And50630;And51094;And50500;


And50500;And51649;And46020; And49444;And47000;And50668; And45320;And47564; And48372;And47732;And51008; And46504;And47140;
And47784;And47480;And52377; And54616;And44256; And45212; And49910;And50612;And46020;
And45576;And50640; And48372;And51060;And45716; And44036;And51208;And54632;
And49704;And51060; And48261;And52264;And49436; And49836;And54140;And50752; And48337;And51060; And44618;And50612;And51256;
And45320;And47924; And51339;And50500;And49436; And44536;And47000; And45236; And47576;And51060; And44845; And45328; And50896;And54644;

And45208;And47564;And51032; Honey Honey Honey
And46028;And50500;And49436;And50556; Honey Honey Honey
And50616;And51228;And45208; And45212; And45320; And54616;And45208;And47564;And51012; And50896;And54616;And44256; And51080;And45716;And45936;
Oh baby Honey Honey Honey
And45208;And51032; And47560;And51020;And50640; Honey Honey Honey
And44036;And51208;And54616;And44172; And45320; And54616;And45208;And47564;And51012; And48148;And46972;And44256; And51080;And51094;And50500;

Hey Baby My little honey
Came from heaven right here to save me
One touch that's all it takes
Comeplete with you no regrets
I need you by my side
I love you long through day and night
Deep inside I know you are mine
No more words kiss me good night

And45320;And47924; And51339;And50500;And49436; And44536;And47020;And50612;
And48148;And48372;And44057;And51060; And45208; And48320;And54664;And50612;
And45320;And47564; And48148;And46972;And48400; And44536;And47000; And45236; And47576;And

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