Woman_In_Love Lyrics

Artist: Barbra Streisand


Life is a moment in space
When the dream is gone
It's alonelier place
I kiss the morning goodbye
But down inside you know
We never know why
The road is narrow and long
When eyes meet eyes
And the feeling is strong
I turn away from the wall
I stumble and fall But I give you it all
I am a woman in love
And I do anything to get you into my world
And hold you within
It's a right I defend over and over again
What do I do
With you eternally mine
In lvoe there is no measure of time
We planned it all at the start
That you and I would live in each other's hearts
We may be oceans away
You feel my love I hear what you say
No truth is ever a lie I stumble and fall
But l give you it all
I am a woman in love
And I'm talking to you
I know how it feels
What a woman can do
It's right I defend over and over again

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