To The Rescue Lyrics

Artist: Danny Elfman

Derek And The Dominos
Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
Key To The Highway (by Charles Segar and Willie Br
I got the key to the highway,
Billed out and bound to go.
I'm gonna leave here running;
Walking is most too slow.

I'm going back to the border
Woman, where I'm better known.
You know you haven't done nothing,
Drove a good man away from home.

Live Verse: When the moon peeks over the mountains
I'll be on my way.
I'm gonna roam this old highway
Until the break of day.

Oh give me one, one more kiss mama
Just before I go,
'Cause when I leave this time you know I,
I won't be back no more.

First Verse

Second Verse
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