Right On Lyrics

Artist: Dilated Peoples

Back in the days, my pops said right on
right on, right on
All the street poets in the house, write on
write on, write on
Black people, right on, right one
right on, right on
All my niggas rollin chevy's on deep-dish chrome, ride on ride on
ride on, ride on

I still rock the party till the needle starts skippin
I'm trippin like pippen, spice rum sippin
We're mentally fastest, head of all our classes
You couldn't pass us wit a rocket like nasa
We all up in the house like cocky-roaches
Snatchin mc's out the game like hockey coaches
Fuck it, i'll break you down like a bucket
I like the bass hittin like a
Close encounters of the likwit kind
I'm sick wit mine, writin rhymes on picket signs
It's the j-r-o, you didn't know
Goin off in your face like a dirty pist-ol
You in the house of brews, crime scenes wit no clues
You walkin home bruised, confused wit no shoes
You lose! cuz you got the dilated blues
Here's some news, my dj rock the mic and the one's and two's
And i'm out

And i'm in
My words are like swords cuttin the paper wit the pen
Yo, dilated could never be annihilated
We migrated to global positioning
All the dj's listenin, babu mixin it
*babu cut* e-swift yeah, the man, the myth
I pass the mic to evidence for the assist
Then i'm ooouuut

And i'm in
My appetite for destruction will eat you up for dinn
Yo only one meal, get sliced to four courses
I'd take me serious, collect your man and forces
I strictly run off select input
Played yourself, don't have to shoot you in the foot
Cuz you stepped outta bounds without making your rounds
Now you come to my town
Ask rak yo you on deadly ground
These last four bars, i'ma heal all my scars
I'm a underground cat but still like money and cars
A cali classic, that's my word, and my word's my bond
Dilated peoples, alkaholiks, this joint's right on

My homie king t told me big tash, right on
So i'ma right on, right on
To all my forty-downin homies in the house tonight
right on, right on
To all the sexy-ass ladies if you feelin alright
right on, right on
To my dilated homies that be rippin the mic
right on, right on

Whether you writin or ridin, right on
Fresh mc's must write on
Even if you skateboardin, ride on
Some of these freestylers need to write on like my homie tash

I got my write on late at night
Burst a verse until they flow right
My rhymes be action-packed, i wrote these lyrics to a strobe light
I'm tashy, the flashy nigga jumpin out that fast shit
Your rhymes won't impress me if you said em doin backflips
I crack whips on phones, blow smoke out nose
Niggas peepin out the style, hoes peepin the clothes
A million flows off the slang, bizz-a-pow, bizz-a-bang
Likwit crew is in this bitch, my click be off the chain
Rap off the plane while crackin champagne
Tash for president, you know my campaign
First things first to get ya'll niggas off the street
You get twenty-five years if you part wit wack beats
You coulda came to ev, you coulda came to swift
That's why we escalatin while ya'll niggas need a lift
So give me two secs while i crack this beck's
And once i drop the mic, my nigga rak is up next
And i'm out

And i'm in
I pick it up for everybody in the house that spins
My name is rakaa, innovator of rhyme communication
Wit data like star trek: the next generation
It's dilation, fan appreciation
Connected nationwide, worldwide likwidation
Cali hard-hitters, we bump like car fenders
it's all chips we only get boo's from bartenders
Better be sure, aim high, we top gunnin
When we touch down, we hit the ground runnin
Feds pull strings and watch me like truman
But i can't front, i love l.a. like randy newman

To all the homies locked up writin home, write on c'mon
write on, write on
write on, write on
To niggas rollin on katanas, quickly ride on c'mon
ride on, ride on
To all the women out there raisin kids alone
Right on right on right on right on

broadcastin live from southern california [e-swift]
Where we at
broadcastin live from southern california *cut up by babs*

Dilated peoples
represent wit tha liks

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