10020Years Lyrics

Artist: Randy Houser

I went home for christmas
To the house that i grew up in
Going back was something after all these years
I drove down monterey street
And i felt a little sadness
When i turned left laurel and the house appeared
And i snuck up to that rocking chair
Where the winter sunlight slanted on the screened-in porch
And i stared out past the shade tree
That my daddy planted on the day that i was born

And i let time go by so slow
And i made every moment last
And i thought about years
How they take so long
And they go so fast

Across the street the randol's oldest daughter must have come home
Her two boys built a snowman by the backyard swings
I thought of old man randol
And his christmas decorations
And how he used to leave them up till early spring
And i thought of all the summers
That i paced that porch and swore i'd die of boredom there
And i thought of what i'd give to feel another summer linger
Where a day feels like a year


Then the door flew open, and my mother's voice was laughing
As she called back to my daddy, come and look who's here
And i thought about years

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