Booty Shorts Lyrics

Artist: Gucci Mane

Put on your booty shorts
Ooh, I really like the sexy way you walk
Ooh, I like the way you make your booty talk
Everytime you put on your booty shorts
Believe dat girl

I don't holla at girls girls holla at me
I don't throw dollars at girls, they throw dollars at me
Gucci you conceited bitch I might be
cause my chain so bright Stevie Wonder might see
Yea you got a man but ya man ain't me
Add ya whole life savings times three
The mouth full of dro and the clothes ain't free
so you gotta be a dimepiece to approach me
How much 'unh can one girl take
How many cakes can one man bake
Playa on the real man I don't know
I just love it when they fresh and they ass cheeks show
Everybody stare when I walk in the room
Smokin on purp got me high like the moon
Chain front big like its New Year's Eve
but my Rollie on fire like the first day of June


I neva seen a chick wit a body like that
Gucci Mane Lil Flap bitch I got it like that
Stuntin in the club wit my nigga Big Kap
made the waitress come back wit 20 mo' stacks
Iced out chain got a iced out grill
Independent I ain't got no deal
Hood rich bitch do ya know the feelin
My watch worth damn near a quarter million
Shawty got some shorts on oh, so small
Say she like me cause my rims real tall
If you want work bitch you can call us
you in big wheels baby we some ballers
Money ain't a thang to the boy Gucci Mane
Old school Chevy same color cocaine
Ridin through the hood throwin money out the brain
and I'm lookin for the girls wit the booty shorts mane


Candy Escalade 26 inch blades
Throw back money from back in eighth grade
Ya dancin in the club so I know ya get paid
but I betcha you'd look betta wit these microbraids
Girls in the club like dat there stank
Showin off three or four rubberband banks
Me and HB keep a big bankroll pulled up in a Hemi wit the Lambo Doors
Me and yo chick in a red corvette
I neva had shit nigga what ya expect
You'll neva see a man wit a watch like mine
Face real pretty and a body real fine
When we get home I'm a break her spine
Get in her ear and corrupt her mind

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