Number 1 Lyrics

Artist: Bigbang

Let me introduce myself BIGBANG
Are you ready for the show
I'll be ready in an hour
jump in the shower
Crisp and clean now I got the power
Blasting music from my speakers
T shirts fresh brand new sneakers
Ready to flow ready to go
Ready for the spot light
ready for the show
Let me tell you something
that you already know
I'm a hardworking man
and I work for my fans
Girl I love your style
love your smile
Wish that you could be
Only mine be only mine
I can't let it go I don't know
What you're doin' to me
You're so fine
oh you're so fine
Gettin' hot in the club
I can see they want some more
I will give you more
I'm your number one
Once I get up I will rock
never stop you can be sure
Yeah you can be sure
I'm your number one
I you know I
you know I
I'm your number one
Crazy hot mad party
Shorty drop it low for me
You can keep me company
Your look sweet smell like honey
I need a girl who is in it for me
Not for the money not for the fame
Not for the glo

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