Alphabet Soup Lyrics

Artist: Wwftriple H

[Intro One.Be.Lo] female
Now Lo, how did this all start for you
I mean, it started for me, you know, watchin the Fat Boys
Listenin to the Fat Boys beatbox on the radio and, you know
Seein Turbo and them cats breakdancin on Electric Bugaloo
And, you know, you seein graffiti over here
and you seein breakdancin over there
and beatboxin over there and MC's over there
And hip-hop was like a brand new thing, a brand new culture
and everybody wanted to be a part of it so, it was fascinatin for us
So this started while you were little, huh
I mean You knew this is what you wanted to do
I mean, I think it was somethin that I was born to do
You know, and you just go through different stages
You know, it's like, it's like school, you learn your alphabet
Then, you take the alphabet to a whole 'nother level
And that's how hip-hop was for me
You know, I just took the different stages and grew with it, like

A/Ay, B, C/see what I mean
D's/dese MC's is not E/effective, especially on the F.M.
All you fake G's, I H/ate you like pastries
You need to get your own and stop tryin to be J/Jay-Zs
You livin O.K, puffin your L's in your limo
But I ain't tryin to live like that, you know my M.O.
Rhymes stay fresh cause I rap/wrap like Reynold's
Wack No question, the answer is N-O
P/people come to my shows in big numbers
Tossin they hands in the air like lettuce and Q/cucumbers
They know who we R/are, S/especially Lamar
Biggest fan before Senim Silla, and Lo Fat
was Binary Star before I was on the d-Lo
But time goes on unless Allah calls a T.O.
And if U/you, like what we create
Then pay attention to the flow, don't de-V-ate
See we ain't tryin to go pop, like a bubble do, that's another crew
For any rhyme you got I can double, double, double you/WWF
Tag-team, steady slammin
Binary Star empire X/expanded
I don't know Y/why they underestimate the B. crew
Sleep if you want, my crew'll help you get your Z's, true
Rip Van Winkle style, what was you thinkin 'bout
I bust a rhyme, solid nine millimeter style
It'll be a while before I run outta ammo
OneManArmy rap Rambo
See most of y'all need mic/Mike skills like Chicago's rock
Outta bound two down, three seconds on the clock say what
You need mic/Mike skills like Chicago's rock
Outta bound, two down, three seconds on the clock
And I got the skills that'll beat the shot clock {*imitates buzzer*}
Fade away on Dikembe, avoid the shot block he shoots, he scores!
Can't avoid the cock block
cause there's a lotta snakes and the grass grows tall
Ring-a-ling-a-ling, Lo be screenin phone calls
I only deal with a chosen few
Everybody else get a How you doin
See you later, nice knowin you

Nice knowin you, you knahmsayin
Some Alphabet Soup, we gon' say peace, and we gon' be out

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Artist: Wwftriple H

Title: Alphabet Soup

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