My Baby (Ft. Jagged Edge) Lyrics

Artist: Bow Wow

[Verse 1]

It was the summer 2001

All before the drama begun

When we first met

I seen you sitting out on your steps

You was broke down crying a mess

So I interferred

I asked what's the reason for tears

I was wishing you could tell me your fears

But I'll start with ya name

You told me how ya man playin games

So I said that it was time for a change

And you just laughed

But it looked like you aint laughed in while

I was glad that I could give you a smile

Then we both blushed

But really girl it aint no rush

I was thinking girl that we can discuss

A future for us

Cause homeboy just got you crushed

You need to leave that clown in the dust


I just wanna talk

I'm thinking I can give you a call

And we can pick it up

Where we left off

I'll holla tomorrow


Girl I understand you loyal to ya man

And that's alright aww baby

But that dont change the fact

That you fine and you stay crying every night nah baby

Girl you got to let him know

You can't live like this no more

Nah baby

Can't you see

Together you and me could be so special ah baby

[Verse 2]

Our feelings get greater

A million days later

Talking all night we stay up but

Here comes ya ex

Returned with that drama and stress

All the nonsense that you just left but yet

You except and go back to try it again

Then return with a broken heart

That I gotta mend

That's unfair

I've only been your lover and friend

And homey there he just front and pretend

But you dont care the life he leads

Is unsafe

I would never place my hands to your face

But still I chase

Cat and mouse

First you kick him out

Then you at his house

What is that about

I cant figure you out

Even your friend said I was better

But you listen to him

Never like uh-uh whatever

So the next time hurt you again

You already knew where you should've been

And that's with me

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]

All the times

You 2 way telling me

That you miss me

Wanting me to come over and keep you busy

Remember that

Now that you gone

It's been kinda hard

Can't think, can't sleep

Can't do nothing at all

Just tell me why you had to go back

See you aint have to go through that

My baby

You could've been here right by my side

Me and you at the park taking walks outside


Instead, I keep on having these dreams

Waiting for my phone to ring

My baby wishing that it would be you But I know that wont come true

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