Doin It Again Lyrics

Artist: The Lacs

Intro: ll cool j

Uh he huh. remix that joint, word up!
We had to remix that joint, smooth it out
Uh he huh, yeah, no doubt, doin it, yeah
Yeah, uh uh doin it, woooo!
Feeling is strong, uh doin it
Yeah uh, yeah

Verse 1:

Ll cool j: i'm in the mood for something wild and obscene
Leshaun: i hear dat, i'm gettin tired of the same ol' routine
Ll: i need some drama
Le: oh, here i come l
Ll: tattoos and dim lights
Le: black young niggette want you's to get it right
Ll: huh, that's all i need, we got two mouths to feed
Le: you talkin about some love
Ll: to the six indeed, so uhh
Lay back and let'cha daddy do it
Ll: right through it


Le: doin it and doin it and doin it well doin it
Doin it and doin it and doin it well doin it
Doin it and doin it and doin it well doin it
Ll: i represent queens, she was raised out in brooklyn

Verse 2:

Ll: i slowed it down cos we was amplifore
Le: halfway
Ll: all the way
Le: now ya gettin
Ll: raw to the ----, sick wit it
Le: ain't to proud to beg, boy
Ll: that's why i had to hit it, uhh
I'm in the zone gettin bedrooms props
I'm talkin outside scenarios
Le: ac's
Ll: and parking lots
Le: word! you goin there, can-back seats and wild treats
Daddy do his thing mmm
Ll: it's part of my mystique he huh huh
Le: i'm havin visions on sunsets and waterfalls
Your hands are in the air, you're up against the wall
Ll: what you lookin for point it out
Le: promise i'ma get it, send it to me
Ll: right away rule wanna hit it


Verse 3:

Ll: i need that new benz, you in it, testin my limits
Laid back, cut, now i twist some lyrics
Le: sharin cream like it's love, i'm ready now
Ll: what you say when i put it on, you lovely girl
Le: oww! you can never hesitate to do your thang true!
Although you come from queens, i'ma treat you like a king
Ll: where you from
Le: brooklyn
Ll: honey-coated, in front of genius
Le: gettin ------ in the 'lacs
Ll: tell me why you never wanna see your ex again
Le: hey lover, you separate the boyz from the men
Ll: that's a fact!
Le: it's well known why you lick your lips
Ll: yeah, blowin bubbles in blup-blup-blup
You makin me wonder if doin it's everything it seems
Le: you make me shiver
Ll: standing up in ya straight and then i lean
Le: tell me here, i love it when ya way up in my mix
Ll: everything is butter in the 9-to-the-6

Chorus x 1/2

Outro: ll cool j

Uh ha ha, oh man, y'nuhmean
Big rochon, baby chris, leshaun
Rock on, ll season baby

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