Natural Lyrics

Artist: S Club 7

Loving you is not just luck or illusion
It's in the make-up of our DNA
It's not by chance we make the perfect solution
Don't fight it baby, you know that it's just destiny's way
Baby lovin' you
Comes easily to me
It's what I'm living for
It's all in the chemistry
Is how it's meant to be
It's something that is oh so natural to me
We got the answers but there's no explanation no explanation
We got each other baby come what may come what may
It's in the science, it's genetically proven genetically proven
Cos when you touch the reaction it just blows me away
Turn off the light, lay your head next to mine
Take it slowly, a step at a time
C'mon get close, closer to me
It's oh so natural, it's oh so easy to see?

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