Still Ray Lyrics

Artist: Raphael Saadiq


Still Ray

I'm comin' home to you, wear something see-through

So I can see your heart

For night can never come soon enough for me

I watch the sky all day

Night is where I find you and peace of mind

My days are filled with glee

That's why I truly give you what you need

Because you love me for me

Good runs all through you, I can't help myself

You found my weakest spot

But better woman to be there to sit next to

That's why I'll always be with you

Yes, I'm funny like a clown, but I'm never down

As long as you're around

There will never be another one for me

'Cause you are shinin' for me





You'll never have to beg me to come to bed

I'll warm your bed each night

If you want me to that's what I will do

That's why I'll always be with you
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