Just Friends Lyrics

Artist: Cassie

Uh Uh

We're Just Friends
Im Not Tryin' To Steal Your Man
Who Was Once Appointed To Me
'cos' Of Your Insecurity
Stop Trippin'
Im Not Tryin' To Steal Your Man
You Look Too Good Together
You Know I Would Never

[Verse 1:]
We've Been Friends For A Long Time
Growing On 6 Years
And Everytime I Had Some Dramas
He Was There With Laughter Or Tears
But Now Hes Got U GirlOoohh..
And Im Not Tryin' To Be Disrespectful
We're Just Friends
It Aint Nuthin In Ma Heart


[Verse 2:]
He Called Me On The Fone Dis Mornin
He Asked 2 Do It Wen You Werent Home
I Hate That He Has To Keep Things From You
But Girl It Is Your Own Fault
Cos You've Got These Insecure Fears
But He And I Have Been Friends For Years
Stop Making This Something That Its Not
Or You'll End Up Losing That Love That You Got

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Rap Breakdown]
Im Not Tryin To Play A Part
I Aint No One To Study
Just A Friend Not Adetioned
Girl Of Wifey
I Know That You Might Be
I Know That You Cant See
What Them Bells If It Up To You
Dont Understand Why You Gettin Crazy
Hes Your Man And Your His Lady
I Dont Want To Stand This Again
Undertsand He's Always Going To Make Friends With Me So
So Lose That Insecurity
You Dont Have To Worry About A Thang....


Hes Like Ma Best Friends
Dont Wana Hold Him
Neva Neva Neva...

Believe I Would Never

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