Blaze Of Glory Lyrics

Artist: Kenny Rogers

words and music by Joe Jackson)

Johnny was a young boy
With nothing much except a certain kind of look in his eye
He was discovered one day - you see he had a certain kind of appeal
For a certain kind of guy
Who gave him some advice on what to wear
And sent him out to make the young girls cry
And all the young boys who'd been just dumb and restless
Now they could identify

So tell me who'll take the blame
For the way things turned out

Well six long months passed and Johnny was the biggest thing alive
And we loved Johnny and we owned Johnny
And no one knew how Johnny felt inside
And Johnny was so beautiful, he was like a god
And we all went along for the ride
And the ride started to go too fast
And Johnny just conveniently died

And he went up in flames
He did what he had to do

And they say it's a tragic story
He just wasn't there one day
But he went out in a blaze of glory
And you and I - you and I just fade away

Well nowadays there's lots of guys like Johnny
They got it all worked out - like working 9 to 5
But they're all just cartoons - all think they're Superman
But they can't even fly
And they say that Johnny's ghost walks 'round in Memphis
When the moon is full and high
And I wonder if he's seen these jokers
And I wonder if he laughs or if he cries

Now he's an angel in flames
But what about you and me


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