Church Heathen Lyrics

Artist: Shaggy

Shaggy - Church Heathen

Ah ha, if you take this too serious
Then you really need some church
Them feel say through them go a church their sins
Don't need forgiving, forgiving
Them really gone from bad to worse with them
Your careless living, living
Me ah boy no go church from how long
Rather sleep through the morning and put on a slam
But mi woman she ah pressure me fuh go confession
So mi decide fi go and kill the conversation
So mi sit down right beside sister Pam
Who ah tell me everything about the congregation
'Bout Sister Paulette and her gay husband
And how she ah still ah sleep with the mini bus man
Sister Gwen claim she ah Christian
But ah last night dem catch her in ah stone love session
She a do the dutty dance to de Matterhorn song
And say she get de thing them from the baby cham
She all ah tell mi about the one Deacon
Who ah drive the big Benz ah where him get money from
That's why nobody nah want give no collection
Now see the church roof ah leak ah wah him really deh pan
Every Sunday is a competition
Mi see nuff ah dem a gwan like dem in ah name brand
That deh setin' wah she ah wear come out ah some trunk bottom
With deh canfah ball smell dat ah no new fashion
Then she proceed fi talk 'bout dem man dem
Only come ah service fi look church woman
And fi fool up deh gyal talk about religion
But mi could say nothing because mi know mi ah one
Next Sunday nah miss me, hear mi
Soap opera can't sweet so, hear mi
Just sight some choir sista, hear mi
Haffi secure mi walk through the Pearly gates??????

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