01_Trapped Lyrics

Artist: Proof

Big Proof, rest in peace dudey, we love you
We just wanna keep making you proud, heh
My life is trapped in these lines
Thats why I'm packing these nines
I got a rap i ain't diein'
Thats in the back of my mind
Got a strap made of iron
Cant relax on this grind
Bending over backwards for these slackers
Til I'm snapping my spine
Natural high i gotta focus
On these bogus pochers
Looking over my shoulder
Proof get it poppin like show'd a hold up
We nothing but soldiersI
Slow up
This gun is loaded
Roll up
They beef 'n we leaving 'em coked up
If Em say it i spray it
If he will it i kill it
We kilpatrick 'n ill it
Yo Detroit, know i can feel it
Will at this gun on my waiste-line
At war we don't waste time,
Blow up magic cant take a punch
And fifty can take 9
We got schoolcraft here at the seven-eight and dexter
I'm up 'n holla spending dollars ain't feeling no pressure
Yes suh', ya texta' is bitch
Bet'chya ya flinch when proof shoot up they crew
And wet ya whole clique

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