River_Flows_In_You Lyrics

Artist: Every Little Thing


Listen girl I just wanna let u know,
There are many things in
my heart, that I wanna show
You see time is passing, our future's getting cold
Through the rough times, you're the one I wanna hold
When we first met,you already have a boy
Wit the smile on your face, I guessed you made the choice
Thinking back now I was just a fool
Waiting every single day, for you to be mah boo

And I should of let go but I choose to hold on
Through all these times, I guess I was just wrong
My love is so deep, now I wrote you this song
Why did I have to love u all along
I wanna go back , like we never even met
I guess its just life everything's already set
When we first met, right from the start
I gave you mah love and I gave you mah heart
How could I have known, that ill be left alone
Im sittin by my self, cryin all mah tears out
And with a little thought, you're what mah life's about
Now you're with your boy, every single day
What am I suppose to do what am I suppose to say
Before I go to sleep, every single night
I just pray to god for you to have a happy life

See Imma keep mah pride, I ain't gonna cry girl
I gotta hold it inside, just let it pass me by
I will never make u mad, I'll never make u sad
I tell mahself it's ok, it ain't gonna be bad
I just lie to mahself, holdin everythin inside
I don't wanna let you know, that I want to cry
But yet I try and its getting so hard
It's like I have to lie, from keeping us apart

And the truth is to be told, that I don't wanna let go
But you should know girl, to me you mean the world
But I'm thinking negative, I didn't think about the times
Times you made me smile, everythin will be fine
Through any situations I will sacrifice
I'll do anything for you, I'm willing to die
What ever makes you happy, then girl it is iigh
The only thing I want is for u to be mine
But were so far apart, were in two different worlds
It's getting so dark, I don't know wat should be told
I guess the time has come, and I gotta let go.
This is too much pain, I can't take it anymore... no...



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