Lullaby Lyrics

Artist: Musiq Soulchild

Girl I feel like making something
To make your mind and your body relax
That can make you feel good, real good, yea
And make you wanna keep callin' back cuz
Love, the way I feel about you right now
Makes me wanna take you up to cloud 9 cuz
With all this love I gotta give let me show you how
I can fill you with this love inside cuz
All I wanna do is spend the night with you
Put your mind at ease
Just like a lullaby, just like a lullaby
And baby if you just give me your trust
I'll shower you with love
Til' you fall fast asleep
Just like a lullaby, just like a lullaby
[Verse 2:]
I can make your body twinkle, twinkle
And make your eyes glisten like little stars
Just looking at you baby oh how I wish
I can make you see how beautiful you are
Cuz love, ain't nothin' more precious than when no, no
A woman and man come together as one
So take off your clothes and lay back
And let me hear you say that you're ready for this love
Baby close your eyes
Let me hold you tight in these arms
And make you feel like you're tucked away
Cuz I'll keep you safe from harm
Cuz baby you know I got you don't worry baby
Cuz all I wanna do

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