Touch It Lyrics

Artist: Ne-Yo

Touch it, bring it babe
Watch it, turn it, leave it, stop. format it
Get low Bus!
Who be the King of the Sound Uh huh
Busta Bus back to just put a lock on a town Uh huh
Lots of my bitches be comin from miles around
See they be cumin Uh! cause they know how the God get down Turn it up
Now you know who holding the throne so gimmie the crown Huh
Niggas solutin and tryin to give me a pound Come on
I don't really fuck with you niggas you niggas is clown
Making the bitches strippin throw they shit on the ground Get low Bus!
Now that's the way that it goes Uh huh
When we up in the spot the shit be flooded with hoes Come on
See we a make it hot, the chicks will come out their clothes
That's when you get it Huh mami already know I suppose Turn it up
Shorty wildin and shorty open she beastin it out
For the record huh just a second I'm freakin it out Come on
While she tryin to touch it see I was peepin it out
She turned around and was tryin to put my dick in her mouth, I let her
Is there any women in here
Like it when I be spankin them and pullin their hair
There's a freak in your presence I'm just making it clear
Letting you all know if you wasn't aware Turn it up
Get your hands up if you're ready to go
Come through your city and I'm runnin the show
I'm the truth, the way, the problem if you didn't know
Get up right in your face and holla Ne-Yo! Get low boy
Shorty what you wanna do
I ain't got time to deal with your attitude
This here was designed to get you in the mood
Trynna do something nasty with you and your crew Turn it up
I'm a freaky little brother with a whole lotta loot
The boy workin with something and I'm kindda cute
Watch the way I do it I'mma turn it out
Guaranteed you'll be tryin to put my.... Woah woah woah
The God of the black, see that I'm back Uh huh
Every single time that I drop, the shit is a wrap Uh huh
For the niggaz hatin the kid I'm close to strap
Cause all these bitches wanna come talk to sit on my lap Turn it up
Every time I give you band shit to knock in your whip
Nigga always do his thing bitch locking the strip Come on
Lots of mamis dancing and they shaking their hips
After that they get low and put the thing on their lips, I let em???????????

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