Heartbreaker Remix Lyrics

Artist: Hunter Hayes

Blazing hip-hop and RAndB
DJ Clue
Desert Storm yeah
New Mariah
Often imitated, never duplicated
But they can't do it like this though
Just play the record please
Guess who's back in the mo***r-f****ng house
With two big tig ol' biddies for your mouth
Heartbreakers must partake in this sensation
So-so def and clue hits in the makin'
Oh guess who's drivin' the fine double O
like yippie-yi yippie-yo yeah
When I talk smack y'all better skip back
like here we go
cuz the b***h don't go
oo your love's so good
I don't wanna let go
and although I should
I can't leave you alone
Cuz you're so disarming
When caught-up in the midst
Of you and I cannot resist
Boy if I do
the things you want to do
The was I used to do
Would you love me baby
Or leave me feeling used
Would you go and break My heart
You got the best of me
But I just keep on coming back Incessantly
Oh why
did you have to Run your game on me
I should have known
Right from the start You'd
go and break my heart
need someone gimme some real love....
find someone....some reallove.....
When I met you that night
I didn't know it wouldn't last
I gave my heart to you honney
Wish I could take it all back
See I
Have never
Met a guy c'mon, yah yah
That was well at tellin' lies
Shoulda known you'd break my heart
Well it's Da Brat and I shoulda known
My heart'd be broke
Shoulda known you were star-struppin' i left you so
My cards was up in the beginning but then
I gave you my heart and you
broke it again
I'm a fool when you smile at me I'm convinced
I get caught up in you and i just can't resist
I know you lied to me it just drive me nuts
This one kiss could persuade me to believe your bluffs
You set it up impress me with gifts and rings
I wish love was dollars cuz money ain't a thing
Cuz the one night you and M C moved the party
I got a f****ng feelin ready to play somebody
Its that Tell me you is next
For each memeber of my crew With that
Imma heartbreak you
Lay you flat on your break
You really don't know
So I'd advise you not to trust me-yo
Baby I'm the real thing
So why you got me sweatin' you consistently
I'm got that good thing
So why you makin' love to me you crazy
I like the way he used to spank me
He used to lie me myback, Take that!
He used to have me in the sack legs back
But now he been buggin lately
Hey boy why you actin' stanky
I keep you stiff like wood baby
So if you wanna keep a good lady
You need to stop with all the heartbreakin'
You need to stop with all the heartbreakin'?

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