Catch The Rainbow Lyrics

Artist: Misia


Catch the Rainbow|MISIA
Lrc By celebrate19

It's the good time! ?? ???
???? We can play the music!
You'll be so nice ????
?????? Like a flower

Don't stop ????????
We'll be together and forever
?????????? Making a celebration!!

?????? Catch the Rainbow
??????? ?? Happiness!
You make me feel so good, ready go

It's the show time! ????
?????? All night long
You make me wanna keep on groovin' tonight
??????? Sweetest feeling

Don't stop! ???????? Happy together and forever
???????? Love is the celebration!!

?????? Catch the Rainbow
????? ????? All night
You make me wanna move tonight!
?????? BPM
?????? ? Catch the Rainbow
??????? ?? Happiness!
The way that you make me feel, feels so good!

?????? Catch the Rainbow
????? ????? All right!
You make me wanna move tonight!
??????? MVP
?????? ? Catch the Rainbow
??????? ?? Happiness!
I wanna tell you my heart, it feels so good!


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