Dream Of A King Lyrics

Artist: Krizz Kaliko

[Verse 1: Prozak]
Yeah, and it's all about the capital games, venom
Rolling through your veins, shackles and chains, send 'em
Off to battle like they happy until they graves, CEME-
TERY gates await for one sought man, the
Women living in sin, kill the children
Describe pollution, to pop the pills in
It’s all confusions, and not solutions
On top we got a plot to drop, stop the blueprint
If anything is ever gonna get better
We gotta get rid of the vendettas
And separate our endeavors
I'm like the king that wrote in his letter
Never ever sever the love for one another
Be stubborn enough to hate one another
Remember that we are brothers
And sisters, came from the same mother
The earth, and we go through the same struggles
It hurts but we gotta make it work for us
The dream

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
What are we fightin’ for?
And why do we sell war?
All my country tears me bleak
Scream our needs from all our knees
And those who scream world peace
It seems that dream
The dream of a king

[Verse 2: Wrekonize of Mayday]
In the UK, mama had a itty bitty little boy blue
With a man that wasn’t like quite likely approved
Walked around Cape Town, readily abused
Cause the colour of the skin was so difficult to few
Not dark enough, not white enough
Hey boy, what be your background anyway?
Is there really an answer to this terrible cancer
Human beings what my pop said we’d better save
Now speedin’ up the hands on the clock dial
Present day racist is away, better stockpile
Get up and get your freedom to love one another
My brother suffered from the motherfuckers underneath the plot now
Now this here ain't just limited
Two cheers for million man initiative
Wipe the fear of traditionally ignorant
And lay it all down with this little dream I'm never with


(Verse 3: Crystal Watson)
Come on y'all
We see the one in signs
While we steady reaching for the climax of our earthly high
And lovin' money and sex more than the grace from the sky
Craving and praying for someone to save me
Could he be real? Filling me
Or should I look to the heaven
Hopin' to save my sanity in the world of vicinity
Temptation at a all time high
Women, men, strip of they pride
Avoiding the dish and tryin' to survive
Maybe yet we should just die

[Verse 4: Bernz of Mayday]
Even kings fall
Sunset on my back bringin’ in the dark
I ain’t always even killed, tryna gain a little balance for real
Because I’ve been lost
Played ground politics for the kids
That’s how it is
Innocence lost to a Mossberg's kiss
What it is and what it was, plus it ain’t getting better for us
Life’s rush and enough from this high when the cops speed by
Someone told me 'bout a dream that my son is alive
So I told him to run it back but he didn’t reply
You see we all wide awake, dying and close our eyes
And the world’s getting smaller, yes it is
That's a one ray of light, breaking darkness
Shame to spark this, but I gotta medicate
Pitfalls eluding my faith
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