Good_Morning_Joan Lyrics

Artist: The Cardigans

The Cardigans - Good Morning Joan

Good morning Joan
Now pick up your phone
It was bad but just a dream
And you are remembered
Put on something pretty
Go back to the city
In the town the sky's just space
No starlight in your face

Listen to Eve
She's got stuff up her sleeve
To her there's no excuse
You've gotta use before you get used

Or talk to Louise
She knows all about freezing
She got lost in early May
And now it's December

I'd call on you if I could
If you were less like me I would

Good morning Joan
Did you wake up alone
Did you dream you woke up happy
With a phonebook full of names
Just forget about Mary
She says everything's scary
She got locked inside her skin
Get near her, she'll drag you in

I'd call on you if I could
If you were less like me I would
Save you from this if I could
If I were less like you, god knows I would
Save you from this
Spare us all this shit
But you're all just like me so I quit!

My name is yours
Can I sleep on your floor
See, my heroes changed their minds
And I lost my numbers


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