If I Was God Lyrics

Artist: Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills - If I Was God
LRC by lzh, from jiangxi pingxiang

Would you love me if you found out I never had
No clothes, cars, money
Would you still want me if I told you I was not
A somebody somebody, nothing special nobody
Yeah I've been lying, fantasizing that I had it all
I want to give you more than just the person that I was
I wish I was strong
I wish I was everything
I'm feeling inside my head
Don't let me wake up
The truth is my enemy
Just tell me you're still here
If I was God what would I change
Love war lies money
Should we keep on or should we throw me away
I hate to tell ya but it's all an illusion from the
Hair lashes nail body
I'm scared to disappoint you
All I really got is just
A heartbeat soul honest
It's the secret me I never showed nobody, no
That everything I want is in the pathological
I wish it was real
I wish I had everything I dream of while I'm in bed
Don't let me wake up to fill all the emptiness
Just let me believe it
I don't really wanna live like nothing's wrong
I don't really wanna give up on our love
I don't really wanna give up on our love, babe
Would you still love me, reality
If I wasn't everything you thought I was
It's not a lie
I just want to give you the best version of me

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