The Reunion Lyrics

Artist: Bad Meets Evil Eminem59

Bad Meets Evil - The Reunion

This next song, is a true story.
Come here, bitch!
'Cause some things in this universe
Don't make sense, but some how
Always seem to fuckin' work
Flyin' down I-75 'bout to hop into 696,
I look over this fuckin' chick's tryna fix
Her makeup. I'm like Bitch, you ain't a plastic surgeon.
I advise ya to put up your visor. I'm getting' kyna ticked.
You're blocking my side mirror! She's like Yeah, so
I'm like So You gon' need a stitch, you keep acting like that, ho.
I look your husband slut That's a rhetorical question.
You talk to me like you talk to him, I'll fuck you up!
In fact, get in the back seat, like the rest of my dates...
No bitch rides shotgun. 'What, taxi'
Stop and pick you some Maxi-Pads up,
Is that what you actually asked me!
Bitch reaches over and smacks me
Says I annoy the fuck out her.
Get the fuck in back. Put on your slut powder,
You slut. What! Shut the fuck up now-or
Getcha feelings hurt worse than my last chick
When I accidentally butt-dialed her
And she heard me spreading AIDS rumors UH-bout her.
Turn the radio up-louder. Make it thump while I bump
That Relapse CD, tryna hit every bump in that cunt
'Fore I snap back into act-SHUN
'Cause she kept asking me to quit calling her cunt!
I said I cunt!
She said Marshall, You ain't really like that. Ohh-oh.
You're putting on a show, is your mic dead
You're breaking my

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Artist: Bad Meets Evil Eminem59

Title: The Reunion

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