Get Your Mind Right Mami - Lyrics

Artist: Jay-Z

Sup ma You want to roll with us, y'knowhatI'msayin
It's good, it's love, it's all love
We got cases of Belvedere, we gon' play truth or dare
We gon' really get to know one another
All you gotta do is put your hair down, get your mind right
Knahmean I'm here for you, yo
Relax yourself, let your conscience be free
You now rollin with them thugs from the R-O-C
Ain't no place on the planet that you'd rather be
But in the blue flame, bitch you're new to the game
Cross over to the Roc, make yourself hot
The topic of discussion in every nail shop
It's a secret society, all we ask is trust
And within a week, watch your arm freeze up
Brassiere get right, A to a D cup
Weave get tight, pedicure your feet up
Ears get iced, gear get spiced
From hoodrat to superstar, there's your life
Fuck with Hova, he can take you out of your hell
Say bye to Reebok, say hi to Chanel
Say hi to Gucci, Prada as well
Take a look in the mirror, be proud of yourself
Get your mind right mami, get your mind right
You gotta play your part when you're rollin with the R-O-C
You gotta know what it takes to be down with a nigga like me
I need a gangsta girl, who can ride in my passenger seat
And I need gangsta girls, for my gangsta family
Yo, I'm young Memphis, used to play the apprentice
Now I'm like the teacher, c'mere, let me teach ya
how to play them benches, hold this work in your dentures
How to play it cool when police come to pinch us
Relax mami, let the Belvy flow
Inhale the 'dro, exhale it slow
I could teach you how to roll, teach you bout fly kicks
Teach you how to keep your nose up out of my shit
When the beeper goes off, please don't reach
Like you put a ring or spend cheese on Bleek
Get your mind right baby, goin through mine crazy
When I'm in the shower, *69 me crazy
With a bitch had physical contact in the mall
You got issues {*inhales*} problems you need to iron out
I will, holla, for now you on time out
C'mon little mama, c'mon
Believe me when I tell you girl I know you a freak
For fuckin with me, that ain't all you can be
Just put your mind to it you can go real far
I know times gettin hard on the boulevard
They say, pimpin is dead; man, pimpin ain't dead
These hoes just scared and they blind tryin and dyin to be lead
But who's to lead 'em Talk shit to 'em and beat 'em
Get they mind right and feed 'em
Now I don't need 'em uh uh but I can do that there
Put on a three-piece suit and Shirley Temple my hair
So I can, feel like a player when I walk in the place
Got yo' bitch all on my line and now she up in my face
Is this yo' bitch is that yo' bitch cause if she's not she mine
She fallin fo' a nigga and I ain't even dropped a line
Get out my limelight bitch and get your mind right
Get your mind right bitch, get your mind right
C'mon baby girl, c'mon, c'mon
Get your mind right ma, get your mind right
Got ta get your mind right baby, get your mind right
And I need gangsta girls for my gangsta family
Get your mind right ma, get your mind right huh

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