Boy Toy Lyrics

Artist: Salt-N-Pepa

Yeah, heh heh
S-n-p, hmm, for you
Brand new, uh, uh, uh, yeah


Boy toy, i love you so
Temporary lover, never let you go
I spend my money on you
Boy toy, i love you so
Never no stress, let's keep this flow
I know you feel the same way, too

Sandra pepa denton:

Where you been all my life
No diamonds on her fingers
But i know you got a wifey, boo, word to life
No proof, cuz pepa got plans for you
Reservations for two on a flight to honolulu
No disrespect, for losin' sweats
You take the keys to my lex, and this here blank check
So shop till you drop, thanks to hip-hop you tight
Have you fly, f.b.i. wanna indict
Bet you shit is right, got my daisies
Goin' crazy, the 20 ways you laid me, uh
Now come and bathe me, wanna get high
Take this helicopter ride
From the westside down to the eastside
Pick a highrise, i'll buy, uh, you know why
Cuz you're all that, no commitments, no lies
Never settle for less, i'm the best, no stress
So rests, yes, my boy toy


Cheryl salt james:

seeking black female word seeking black male uh
With the nice tail, uh, not frail that's right
I like 'em focused, 20-20
A man that needs little but gives plenty
I'm never vexed givin' up no sex
Unless i wanna release stress
And get this shit up off my chest
Enjoy how you massage my mind, at times
Feedin' me some knowledge instead of tryin' to out rhyme
Not insecure, for sure, not bored
Send you a first class ticket when i'm out on tour
Show me a lot of love in the club
You know your place, you give me my space, stay out my face
A g worth a cristal, for you and your pals
I love to see the other women yearn waitin' on their turn
Money earnin', more money, cash, checks
But you ain't never met a girl like this yet

Salt: what's up, man
You got that package i sent you
Man: yeah i got it
Salt: did you like it
Man: what
Salt: you know you earned it
Man: yeah
Salt: put the thing down right


Deidra spinderella roper:

Me and my girls chillin' at the mall, laughing and all
Brother's kinda tall, you think he play ball
Damn, you look live, hmmm, so fine
I think i estimate about 4.5
My pockets goes high, so we can ride
I'll pick you up about nine-ish
Take you to the finest, masseuse
And we can get loose, sleigh la bouche styles
Get wild, i'll bet i leave your ass with a smile
Always a mouse, spinderella, trick cheddar
I like a good fella but i love a boy toy better

Cheryl salt james:

Cheryl james, you know my name, i love the same
I check for a player with a lot of game
Not a little, not tryin' to get caught in the middle
Uh, i like my toy part like a tonka truck
Hit the middle, uh, like larry zonka, what


I'm not scared to tell you whoo
S-n-p, it's your boy toy
All day, all night
Nine-seven, like heaven, baby

Boy toy, i love you so
Never no stress, let's keep this flow
I know you feel the same way, too

I ain't gon' front

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