Sea Child Lyrics

Artist: Hot Tuna

(Jorma Kaukonen)Flowers today bloomin' by the pathway; Linin' the edge of tomorrows grave.
Bright shinin' way, Livin' in the shadows, Tryin' to be the master of tomorrow's slave.
Down in the mine, circled 'round a diamond; Serpent of your expectations, sleeps a nervous dream.
Circled so fine, like a velvet palace, Whiles away the passing hours; Not being what he seems.
Then he creeps into the light; speeding up like fire flight, Now he moves across the forest floor.
Send away the pace of time; Leave behind the lonely mine, and the diamond brilliant on the floor.
We cannot stay by the crystal mountain; Serpent of dreams has left his shadow lair; Diamond remains, brilliant in its cavern; No one to see and no one left to care.
Sepents friends have come and gone, down the slopes they're movin' on, through the lakes and forests and the dale.
They will find tomorrow's rise, brings them all the bluest skies, Frees the lonesome banshee and his wail1975, A Fishobaby Production (Grunt Records)
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