California Soul Lyrics

Artist: Marlena Shaw

Like a sound you hear
That lingers in your ear
You can't forget
From sunrise to sunset
It's all in the air
You hear it everywhere
No matter what you do
It's gonna get a hold on you
California soul
California soul
They say the sun
Comes up every morning
And if you listen carefully
The winds that ride
On the high tide
Whistle a melody
So the people started to sing
And that's how the
Surf gave birth untold to
California soul
California soul
When you hear the beat
You wanna pat your feet
And you've gotta move cause
It's really such a groove
Puts a brand new kind of
Thinking in your mind
And you can't go wrong
Cause you're happy all day long
California soul
California soul
They had the melody and the beat
But it still didn't seem complete
Until they saw two lovers kissing
They knew just what was missing
So happy they were
Rocking and reeling
Because that added
That loving feeling
To California soul
California soul
California soul
Now if they move you
Will it move you
It can groove, you, baby
California Soul now now now
California Soul, yeah
California Soul
Satisfaction, darling
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