Madelaine Lyrics

Artist: Glenn Hughes

Born in the city, you are Mother Nature's friend

You come one step closer to yourself -

Over by the looking glass you worship no one else

I go one step back inside my shell

Sitting in your country house

You work them to the bone

So they tell me who's been there

There's no doubt about it, you've been Heaven

Tailor Made

And they talk about you everywhere

You made your choice

You have the world in the palm of your hands

I'll never know

And I will never understand

Madeleine - I can't wait anymore

Madeleine - I can't take anymore

You live the life of luxury, you have to pay no rent

You come one step further, what is your role?

You're headin' for that deadline baby,

Now tell me what you find?

I go one step deeper inside the cold

You live your life in misery,

How can you be so cruel

You go one step nearer to the wall

I know this is a tragedy now tell me who's your fool?

You come one step closer to the fall
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