Beepers Lyrics

Artist: Sir Mix-A-Lot

Operator's voice:
Welcome to Sky Pager

*sound of beeper going off, appears throughout song*

[Sir Mix A-Lot] Operator's voice
Beepers ...
Beepers ...
Beepers ...
Beepers ...
Welcome to Sky Pager
Press the pound key after each entry

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
I'm rollin like a Playboy beep, beep, beep
Just another page, just another freak
Cops say I'm bangin, girls say I'm slangin
Just cause my black Cross Courts be hangin
Ah huh, that's it baby
Beep diddy beep, will I call you maybe
Sky Pager looks like a Phaser
That's the attire of a Northwest player
San Jose, I got a show
Chillin like a champ with a girl in a limo
There we go again, I got a beep
The girl got nosy beggin for a peep
Get off me girl, this is business
I'm workin it and you can't witness
A Oakland skeeso, how do I know
Cause 415 was the area code
Turn it off, turn it on, so I won't get busted
You know rap stars never get trusted
Baby wanna get so I put it on vibrate
How does Mix-A-Lot communicate

[Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot] Operator's voice
With beepers, baby, haha
Welcome to Sky Pager
To use Sky Pager
Press the pound key after each entry
Please enter the pin number you wish
Sky Pager - 3X
Sky, Sky, Sky Pager

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
But if you ain't got that pin number dummy, you can't call me
To hook up with Mix you gotta call that number
Then sit by the phone and wonder
Will he call If you're fine I might
If you're a duck *no dial tone sound* good night
I got a cellular but you can't have my digits
Motorola beeps and the boy gets with it
Code one, two Yo come on black
you gonna tell her about me, what's up with that
That's Attitude Adjuster, my homey
Huggin more girls than Bellica Rolee
Gettin 'em sprung, bustin 'em out
Rollin up dames, cause he's got that clout
Pullin young females, yank 'em on the stage
One fell prey when she called that page
*numbers dialing sound* called his beeper
Sweetie got sprung but he might not keep her
He never called back, so she called me
Where's Attitude at He was supposed to meet me
I don't know but I'm wishin you luck
How does Attitude Adjuster hook up

[Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot] Operator's voice
With beepers
If you wish to send message 777-9311
With beepers
Enter telephone number or numeric message
Press the pound key now

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Pagers, call 'em what you want
Some brothers some brothers wear fake ones, still tryin to flaunt
Walkin in a party, lookin like Joker
Big ole six inch garage door opener
Not me, cause my bank is set
Three dope Benzos, one Corvette
I'm not braggin or movin them thangs
Just clockin them dollars at the real estate game
Sky Pager
Telepage Northwest, satellite service pushed to test
Got a beep from a girl named Natalie
My memory slip, cause I need a new battery
Power on, display light's up
Incoming calls from the girls with butts
Girls call cause they might get lonely
Ha .. I run 'em like ponies
Pick 'em up, put 'em in the Benzo
I get a beep and I leave 'em in limbo
That's right I'm livin like that
What do I keep pinned to the strap

[Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
My beeper ...
Beepers ...
Beepers ...
Beepers ...

[Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Oh yeah, girls got 'em too
They keep 'em in their purse, plain and cool
Big players, rollin up fellas
They comin up but they never will tell us
Smooth, ha, I bet you didn't know
The girl you called dumb was clockin your dough
Jackin ball players and never gettin tossed
Done worked every brother on the Seahawks
Yeah, she looks good, but she thinks she's swift
Tryin to pull up on the Mix-A-Lot tip
Sittin in the movie, she stepped out smooth
Oh baby girl, I got one too

[Break - Sir Mix-A-Lot] Operator's voice
A beeper ...
Sky Pager -2X
Beepers ...
Sky Pager
Beepers ...
Sky Pager
Beepers ...
Sky Pager
Enter telephone number
Or numeric message 777-9311
Beepers ...
If you wish to send message ...
Sky Pager ...
If you wish to send message ...
Sky Pager ...

Message sent

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