If I Ever Go Lyrics

Artist: Krizz Kaliko

If i ever go away
if i ever go...
if i ever go...

The following is a list of things to do
if i ever go
Followed by a list of people i loved in my book of life
so if ur listening party for ur boy
IF I EVER GO Krizz Kaliko

Now i Krizz Kaliko here being the sound mind and body
dewily command u to party
and toast to that guy that made you see fat guys in a different light
believe with the beat when he touch the mic
now listen closely cause i wont repeat my self
and if ur close to me peep it
and keep a piece for ur self
i make it easer for people grieving and living in hell
Jesus got me sleeping peacefully living somewhere else
i faint got much some cars and some jewels some fools who love me
fans thats just waiting to hug me
a wife and a son who I’m absent from
and a momma who raised to be just what i become
You cant forget me if u tried to
this is for all my people to ride to
and to my sister and my nephews uncle krizz ain’t left you
cause threw my music i feel i can bless you
If i ever go

~*~ Chorus ~*~

Life don’t last for ever no
if i was to ever go
If i ever go
If i ever leave
I love you

If i was to ever leave
Something you didn’t say to me
If i ever go
If i ever leave
That i love you

Crystal i know u missing me baldy
that picture pudder be pointing to pick it and kiss daddy
cause i ain’t far baby im right by ur side
Think of me and close ur eyes
I knew that i would go first
the only reason im even writing this verse
is just to ease the pain i know that it hurts
Im always thinking the worst you gotta go on
you can you can go on and bait em in the beyond
And i ain’t gonna hate none
Teach him about his daddy and how he was a fool
he’s already funny and he'll probably be one too
or athlete or musician growing up boy you listen
he getting big keep him out the kitchen
Listen the g o d freed me and let me be e
and buried me a sea spark up a t r e e
and cheers to the guy as ur getting high
for a angle of a man living in the sky

~*~ Chorus ~*~

? She walked from bigger brother joe little yoney and tona
Dink the whole clan and loanda Franny uncle sonny uncle Hank
little Chris and dona Alex you know i love your momma.

Kendra and john Tech N9ne keep on keeping on
keep kutty and trav on the path you on
? Erica and monyay and look out for nigga Charles day
Big Fred some body help him keep a cool head
and for my niggas representing the red and representing
the blue and if i didn’t mention you
you hold a special place in my hear too
Barbra Gean? theres no words to explain
there can never be another or better
example of a mother
If i ever leave Marcus take care of my family
keep perusing ur dream we still a team

~*~ CHORUS ~*~
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