Peel Off Lyrics

Artist: Jin

GO!!! *echos* Elite!!
Yeah, double R uh wooo
Come on, Crafty Plugz, what wooo
GO!!! *echos*
What up Amaury, yeah wooo
GO!!! *echos*
Haha, yeah, let's go, c'mon
If you got a system in the trunk
Shoes on your whip and you rollin up a blunt
If you wild, racin for the dough
And the flag hits the floor and they yellin out GO!
If you see the pigs on your tail
Knowin if you get locked that you won't make bail
Whatchu gonna do
When I, cruise the strip you know that it's me
Split the crowd in half like Moses did to the seas
0 to 60 in 4 flat, make you look inferior
Funny how my throwback matches the interior
I ain't scared of ya, c'mon let's be serious
Can't catch me I'm 2 Fast 2 Furious Part two
Bullshit walks and cash talks What's that sound
My low pros burnin up the asphalt
Drop top Spyder in the summer I'm good
Lost your words soon as you look under the hood
Twin cam turbo, your man's in shock
Only words comin out your mouth Damn that's hot!
Got a spoiler on the back everytime I skate off
You thinkin it's a jet that's about to take off
Cash and pink slips, whole enchilada
Soon as the lights turn green, you know that you gotta
I got a, need for speed, I'm freezin up time
Wanna, race the kid, throw your keys on the line
I'm switchin gears, never brake for the curb
Cross the finish line twice before you make it to third
With a fly ass shorty in the passenger side
One hand on the wheel, one hand on her thigh
Y'all can't see me, peekin through the tinted windows
Just to get a glimpse of Francine Dee
Let the, haters talk, I've been called rumors
See me on the cover of the Import Tuner
Lookin at the skyline, I cocked for the race
Even got an Evo 8 that ain't dropped in the States
This ain't for no amateurs
Everytime I roll through hot imports nights it's lights, cameras
Action, you know who's the headline
Do a buck sixty everytime I redline
Ain't a damn thing stock, you see the difference is
I'm a Pioneer just like your system is
Two screens on the dash, you choose the best view
Wireless control for the PS2
Skip the bullshit, and the foolishness too
They say we Disturbin Tha Peace like Ludacris crew
You want war I'm settlin' the score
No lookin back now put the pedal to the floor
All my people in the place to be, uh
Let me hear you say ... wooo
Uh, if you rockin with me
Let me hear you say ... whaa*car drivin by*wooo
Uh, double R, uh yeah wooo
Haha, oh c'mon
You ain't ready, I run these streets!!!?

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