It's My Life Lyrics

Artist: Dj Bobo

It's my life
I'll standing all alone
Except my way of living
I'm living on my own
It's my life
I try to be so free
Freedom is the promise
Of my destiny
I never gonna give it up
I never ever lose my aim
I never gonna give it up
Except my way of living, it's my life
I'm dreaming in the sunshine
I dream of all the people talking to the lifetime
Different cultures, different nations
Happy people, lucky people
Feeling my vibrations
Strangers told me all the reasons
I have to find my own way
Change it like a season
It's my life I'm living on my own
Welcome and to the strangers all
It's my life
Like my mother is only mine
I have never ran alone
Music is my best friend
You're my passion
Where together
Music is my life...
... I live of it forever
There's no needing celebration
Everybody come and dance!
Feel the fascination
Like a rolling stone
Into the microphone
I'm living on my own?

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